A Partnership for a Lifetime!

As you’re certain to love the whole-body benefits you’ll experience by using Revitalux and the other Vivalize products, you’re also sure to want to share that with others. For doing that, Vivalize wants to reward you. As you help others make a difference in their lives, they’ll want to pay it forward.

With world class products, an industry leading Rewards Program, and a highly experienced leadership at the helm, you’re ready to get started on the path to ultimate success!

So how do you join the Vivalize family? Learn more below, and select the option that makes sense for you:

Become an Independent Associate

Joining Vivalize as an Independent Associate is simple. The enrollment fee is just $78. Included in the enrollment fee is a complimentary Business Center (ABC) that provides you with a personal replicated website and back office access to manage your business, a Starter Kit designed to provide step-by-step instructions, Trainings and finally, a set of easy-to-use marketing tools, all of this for one whole year.

To remain a Vivalize Associate, every year on your anniversary date, you will be charged a $78 renewal fee, unless instructed otherwise.


Become a VIP Customer

If you are interested in purchasing Vivalize products for personal consumption at the lowest price, our VIP Customer option will be perfect for you!

The one-time enrollment fee is $50. When you enroll as a VIP Customer, you will have the option to participate in our optional SmartShip program (Automatic Monthly Shipment Program)where products are purchased at the lowest prices we offer for personal consumption. So, enjoy the savings while you enjoy our health transforming products!


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