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Make A Difference

You don’t want to soar to new heights all alone, do you? Of course not! Vivalize gives you every incentive to help others do the same that is, enjoying a new level of wellness, creating newfound lifestyle and financial security, and establishing a platform for lifelong improvement and success.

Chart a New Path

The Vivalize leadership team boasts a combined 4 decades of successful industry experience. Our executives are thoughtful, innovative and completely focused on helping our Associates achieve maximum success, and their combined vision has led to a unique and lucrative business model. With their leadership, Vivalize is perfectly set up for rapid expansion and massive global revenue potential!

Forefront Earning Potential

The Vivalize Compensation Plan is at the leading edge of our industry. With a no-nonsense, generous plan, you can soar to new heights as you share the Vivalize products and show others how to do the same. What do you want from life? You can achieve it with our Rewards Plan!

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Rewards for a Lifetime

Are you looking for new or additional revenue streams that can be a real game-changer in your life? There’s good news the Vivalize Rewards offer just that!

The Vivalize compensation plan is one of the most lucrative and unique in the industry, with one of the highest payouts 50%! And the best part? The Vivalize journey isn’t one size fits all. You get to decide how big your business will be. The greater your results, the greater your rewards!

Engineered for your success, the Vivalize compensation plan rewards your business building efforts in 10 exciting, life changing ways. Eight of those bonuses are paid out weekly, while the other two are paid out every four weeks.

Added up, they represent a path to truly transformative opportunity to enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of...

10 Ways to Earn:

1. Retail Profit Bonus

2. First Order Bonus

3. VIP Customer Reorder Bonus

4. Authorized Retail Store Reorder Bonus

5. Rank Promotion Bonus

6. Bonuses

7. Dual Team (Binary) Cycle Bonus

8. Matching Binary Cycle Bonus (Unilevel)

9. Executive Business Partner Pool Bonus

10. Sapphire Business Partner Pool Bonus

The Vivalize compensation plan is one of the most generous and unique in the industry, with one of the highest payouts — 50%

Want to learn more about how to earn with Vivalize? Check out our comp plan here!

Why Network Marketing?

A good job isn't always a great job, which is why an increasing number of people are opting to leave the traditional workforce and become entrepreneurs by building a home-based network marketing business. Simply put, network marketing is sharing the things you love with the people you care about. Have you ever given a friend a recommendation for a great restaurant or your favorite movie? Then you have experience with network marketing! The difference is that when you own your own network marketing business, you are the one benefitting financially from those recommendations.

Some people are skeptical of home-based business, especially those involving network marketing. There are some terrific advantages to building your own networking business. The truth is that today, millions of individuals have built very successful network marketing businesses— both full and part time—that bring from small supplemental incomes to generational incomes each year. And not only is their financial outlook more stable, they enjoy more time, flexibility and the satisfaction of successful business ownership.

So, does a Vivalize network marketing business make sense for you? Absolutely! You can enjoy all these benefits and many more by partnering with Vivalize today!

Would you like more time freedom?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Would you like to determine the level of income you make?


You can with a home-based Vivalize business!

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