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Be Healthy
Fuel Your Body
Relief Matters
Be Healthy
Fuel Your Body
Relief Matters
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Welcome To AVUSA!

We have an exciting Wonderful Product that helps people feel Better, Stronger, more Passionate, and the world needs it!

It truly works as well as they say, and the best part, is that you can contribute in spreading the word by sharing with others how to get more out of life with Kertalis®. In doing so, you can start your own business with Vivalize and GROW, GROW, GROW with us! Keep reading to learn more. 

You can have better health, and a better life!

Our Company


Better health? More time freedom? An overall better life?

The great news is that you can have all this and more with Vivalize. We provide a platform to achieve all this and more. Vivalize is dedicated to providing the best in groundbreaking, innovative natural nutrition alternatives that lay the foundation for the ultimate opportunity to transform your life.

Kertalis can help relieve aches and pains

Our Products

Tired? Aches/Pains? Feeling Old?

Most of us have low energy, daily discomfort, and struggle with the symptoms of aging. This general decline in wellness affects us in every area of life.

Introducing KERTALIS®

Kertalis® provides our body with the necessary nutrition to help fight some of the evils that aging brings over time.

Vivalize Is Your Path To Opportunity

Your Opportunity

Your Key to Exciting Rewards!

It’s easy to become a Business Partner – and the key step in building your Vivalize business! The Vivalize journey isn’t one size fits all. You get to decide how big your business will be. The greater your efforts, the greater your rewards!

With Vivalize, you can work part or full-time to build your business.

Vivalize Leadership Opportunities


Personal Growth

The Vivalize leadership team boasts a combined 7+ decades of successful industry experience. The combined vision of these highly successful individuals has led to a unique and lucrative business model. Looking for expertise, experience and guidance to show you the way to the top?

The Vivalize team offers you just that—join us for the ride!

Kertalis logo

Our Flagship Product

The ultimate solution for true relief.

Experience the difference for yourself – purchase Kertalis® now!

What Makes Kertalis® So Great?

Kertalis® is made up of thousands of protein chains called Peptides, which are signaling molecules that direct cell activity. In addition to significantly reducing joint and back discomfort by regenerating healthy cartilage, this wonder product assists the body in noticeably reducing the inevitable signs of aging, promoting better, deeper sleep, and restoring your radiant beauty by rejuvenating the skin.

It is so simple…All you do is take a capful (1/2 fluid ounce), mixed in water every night before going to sleep. Start to feel your life-changing transformation!

Kertalas Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue


We’re committed to excellence and integrity in everything we do, from developing cutting-edge products to creating a culture of impactful experiences.


Our Future Is Bright, Come Along!

We are committed to support you and provide:

  • Positive Leadership: Our leadership and ongoing learning helps to influence & impact everyone involved in a positive manner
  • Education: We attract diverse, intelligent, and driven team members that are inspired to provide remarkable results, exceptional experiences and strive for excellence
  • Passion: Our passion shows through our actions, whether it’s to serve our Associates, Customers, or Employees. We go the extra distance in all that we do
  • The empathy to listen and understand the needs of our Associates, Customers, and employees

Our Core Values

We believe in the value of living your dreams and creating freedom



Truth above all. Truth in all!
Integrity in thought, word, and action.


We serve to lead and lead to serve.
Service to all is our credo.


We nurture and inspire entrepreneurial passion as the path to independence.

Vivalize Your Path To Health and Prosperity
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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