The world is full of health threats — Kertalis® provides unmatched protection!

It’s No Secret

That today’s modern world threatens our health in various ways. Environmental contaminants, overly processed foods, and more can create a maelstrom of toxins that can speed up the aging process, encourage disease and have a big impact on overall health.

A primary concern for many is the chronic discomfort/pain resulting from aging, injury and other factors. Back and joint pain/discomfort affect significant percentage of the population, and people everywhere are seeking true relief.

Luckily, there’s a solution, introducing:

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Kertalis® is powered by Matrixterol™, a proprietary Regenerative Factor blend that supports Healthy Cartilage and Vibrant Skin.

Kertalis® was developed to support and maintain joint health, radiant skin, and promote restful sleep by boosting natural overnight repair, regeneration and rejuvenation functions.*

It is the New Anti-Aging factor that enhances your overall health and sense of well-being.*

Did You Know That Kertalis Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue

With the passing of years comes aging, and with it, inevitable challenges such as joint and back pain, wrinkles, sleep disorders, and more…

Kertalis® provides our body with the necessary nutrition to help fight some of the evils that aging brings over time.


What is its secret? 

Our health relies mainly on the perfect balance between the nutrients found in the environment and those found inside our body.

Matrixterol™, the Regenerative Factor blend in Kertalis®, achieves a perfect coactive balance between its ingredients that make this product truly unique. It is composed primarily of a Collagen Peptides Mix, which has a significant impact on our joints and skin well-being.

As well, the synergistic action of Glycine, Magnesium, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Citrulline, Boron Citrate, Aloe Vera (inner leaf gel) and Hyaluronic Acid, makes Matrixterol™, the ideal solution to ensure and maintain optimal joint and skin health.

Kertalis® has shown a remarkable ability to significantly support cartilage, healthy joint function and skin appearance.

Kertalis helps reduce appearance of wrinkles
Kertalis Promotes Joint Relief and Comfort
Kertalis Reduces Joint Stiffness
Kertalis Boosts Physical and Mental Energy
Kertalis may improve sleep quality

Kertalis®: Head-to-toe Benefits

What can Kertalis® do for you?

The whole-body benefits you can enjoy from using Kertalis® include:

The Head to Toe Benefits of Kertalis
Stimulates the normal regeneration of joint cartilage

Promotes joint relief and comfort


Supports joint function


Reduces joint stiffness


Promotes knee comfort


Inhibits the degradation of proteins in joint tissues


Promotes normal inflammatory response


Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles


Enhances skin moisture


Supports overall skin health


Helps improve sleepiness and fatigue


May improve sleep quality


Promotes healthy blood flow


Boosts physical and mental energy


Enhances overall vitality

Kertalis Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue
The Head to Toe Benefits of Kertalis
Kertalis Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue
Supports overall skin health


How long will it take to start noticing results?

From a few days to 30 days, but the best results are felt after 3 months of continuous use.

Do I have to keep Kertalis refrigerated?

No, not even after it has been opened, but you could If you wish.

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